Swirls Curls and Twirls


6252010 009

My first attempt at hammered metal and making swirls.  I am completely in love with these red glass beads!  They are so gorgeous I almost wanted to eat them—just kidding  :)  I learned that although these swirls, curls and twirls look whimsical and devil may care there is a definite art to making them.  They can’t be too tight and they can’t be too open.  My favorite part was hammering the hell out of them and seeing what they looked like flattened out.  There is also a definite touch when hammering them flat.  They are fairly small so you have to be careful about hammering your own appendage—ouch!  You don’t want to go any lighter than 18 gauge wire for these because the wire won’t hold it’s shape.  Found that out the hard way when my swirls wouldn’t stay swirled.  Have fun swirling, twirling and curling!

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Filed under Flash Trash & Glitter, Mixed Media Mania

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