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1st photo on my new camera!!

Got my new camera today!  Now I have no reason to take blurry fuzzy pics….  My first picture is of my crazy little Sophie girl!  Clearly the BESTEST little dog in the world!

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Catch Up Time!

How does the time fly by so quickly??!!  When you’re a kid people tell you that as you get older the time passes more quickly but you don’t really get it.  Now I get it.  I am at a wonderful crossroads of my life where I am both anxious and hesitant about the future that is quickly approaching.  It seems I am at a point when I am realizing my passions and my dreams and yet I am leaving the familiar and safe behind.  One foot in the gate and one foot out.  I’m looking ahead but still holding on.  I’m a Gemini–can you tell???

Here’s the last few days of mini-art from the 100-day challenge…

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