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100 day challenge Days 65-67

I’m keeping up with the challenge but these three pieces are not as involved as I usually make.  Day 64 is particularly horrid but I was having a sugar buzz brain freeze I guess.  Anyway, thanks for looking!

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100-Day Art Challenge–Days 61-64

It’s so nice to be caught up on the challenge!  I am really enjoying doing one a day again.  I actually had time to play with some sparkly beads too.  Here are my last four days.  I was still completely crazy for making lines with my ruler and my markers.  Something about them being so methodical and logical really clicked in my brain and I find making them comforting.  I love the sense of order.  Then I went back to the holiday theme again.  Not sure why making a couple holiday theme pieces was so appealing to me.  Went to Costco on Saturday and they already had holiday items lining the aisles.  Hell, I haven’t even bought Halloween candy yet!  Here are my arts!

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100-Day Art Challenge Gallery

Here is a gallery of all my creations for the 100-day challenge up to Day 60.  TFL!

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The Latest from the 100 day art challenge

We are up to Day 61 and I am up to Day 60!  So close to being caught up for the first time in weeks.  I was feeling frustrated at being so far behind but now I’m out of the woods.  Here is the link to check out the board at the Cloth Paper forums.

Today is a foggy chilly day here in Denver but in here in my art studio it is vibrant and warm!

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Am I the last person to discover books on CD?

I have been commuting 30 miles each way to work for four years and although it is not a terrible distance it is at least an hour each way.  How can it be that I have never thought to get a book on CD until now?  When I first started the commute I was enthused and bought a 5 CD learn to speak spanish set.  I envisioned becoming fluent in espanol and exotic and earthy.  Everything went beautifully until I learned there were 7 forms of verbs (I think).  That was the end of my exotic earthy transformation.  Anyway–getting off the track here….books on CD.  Last week a friend gave me a book on CD!  It has made such a difference in my commute!  My stress level has dropped.  I have not uttered my “traffic” word even once at a fellow driver.  I am wondering if perhaps I am too involved with listening to the novel and driving on automatic pilot?  I noticed that my commute seems to be strangely painless. 

Oh and here’s a picture of stuff from my garden.

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Plans Are Moving Forward

I am so excited that my plans for opening my etsy store are moving right along!  I have been contemplating this for several months and it’s becoming reality.  I hired a graphic artist on etsy to help me design my banners, avatar and business card templates.  I have finally found a design that reflects my style as an artist.  Colorful and lively!  Once the design is finalized I’ll be thrilled to get my business cards printed and start photographing my creations. 

It’s a gorgeous day in Colorado!

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