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One of My Favorite Magazines: The Sun

I was turned onto this magazine by a wonderful friend named Hannah.  I’d never heard of it until then and I consider myself a pretty diverse reader.  The first thing appealing about The Sun is that it has NO ADVERTISING.  Some of the mags I read don’t get to the meat until at least page 50.  The Sun has such thoughtful and provocative writing–both fiction and non-fiction.  I mark so many pages in every issue for books I want to read, subjects I am curious about, quotes.  Just love it!  If you want to check it out go to

One of the things I marked from the August 2010 issue:

In a letter written by Eve Kushner in Berkeley, California, speaking about writer Genie Zeiger:  Genie said that our relationships with our parents keep evolving, even after our parents die.  She spoke about a healing dream she had in which her father had embraced her and showered her with approval as never before.–

I really like the idea of this and it would be so comforting for it to be true.  Although I am lucky enough to have both my parents alive I know there are others in my life who have died and who have left unfinished business.  It would be nice to see them in a dream and make things right.

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100-day art challenge Days 68-76


October 2, 2010 · 3:45 pm

Need Some Calm?

I have a great solution that may work for you.  It works wonders for me.  Chopping vegetables!  This morning I woke up and was thinking about all the things I need to get done and want to get done.  I decided to sssllllllloooooowwww down and make some breakfast and have some coffee and further contemplate my day.  Got out some really nice yukon gold potatoes and washed them and lined them up like a platoon of little breakfast soldiers.  Sharpened a knife and got out the cutting board.  I am working on being more mindful of what I am doing and appreciating even my everyday tasks so I took time to notice the weight of the knife in my hand and the texture of my “soldiers”.  I poured a bit of canola into a large frying pan and started it heating.  I began slicing and chopping and as I got going I began appreciating cutting each potato the same way.  My mind stopped churning about every little thing and I focused only on making the same cuts every time and adding to my pile.  I realized that my tasks can be managed in small chunks little by little.  I don’t have to look at them as one huge chunk.  Next time you need some calm pull out some potatoes or carrots and do a bit of therapeutic chopping.

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