One of My Favorite Magazines: The Sun

I was turned onto this magazine by a wonderful friend named Hannah.  I’d never heard of it until then and I consider myself a pretty diverse reader.  The first thing appealing about The Sun is that it has NO ADVERTISING.  Some of the mags I read don’t get to the meat until at least page 50.  The Sun has such thoughtful and provocative writing–both fiction and non-fiction.  I mark so many pages in every issue for books I want to read, subjects I am curious about, quotes.  Just love it!  If you want to check it out go to

One of the things I marked from the August 2010 issue:

In a letter written by Eve Kushner in Berkeley, California, speaking about writer Genie Zeiger:  Genie said that our relationships with our parents keep evolving, even after our parents die.  She spoke about a healing dream she had in which her father had embraced her and showered her with approval as never before.–

I really like the idea of this and it would be so comforting for it to be true.  Although I am lucky enough to have both my parents alive I know there are others in my life who have died and who have left unfinished business.  It would be nice to see them in a dream and make things right.

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