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Spring Is The Perfect Time For Renewal

I sit here this morning feeling rested and enthusiastic for the coming day.  I am clear headed and have some goals for the day.  I am looking forward to being outside in the sunshine and fresh air and puttering in my garden beds.  Planning where to put my crops.  I am using my previous two years of successes and failures to work out The Perfect Plan.  Ix-nay on the auliflower-cay which produced huge gorgeous water-repellant leaves but no actual edible cauliflower.  Much less cilantro–year one I had a whole row–year two a third of a row–year three I’m planning on four plants.  Put the tomatoes back where they were year one.  Less basil, add thyme and rosemary.  Continue with the carrots but plant continuously so I have more than one harvest.  Viva la jalapenos and onions–salsa salsa salsa!  Green beans were delightful to harvest every day and yellow squash was successful.  I want to try something new as well.


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