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June 18 2011 The Day The World Changed

I  had a great day with friends and I felt like I really came into my own  with my new retirement life.  I was gardening and exercising and getting together with friends and having appointments.  It all came crashing down the morning of the 18th when I checked my phone.  I didn’t sleep with my phone in my bedroom because I didn’t want anything disturbing my sleep.  I don’t do that anymore.  At 9 am I checked my phone and saw  numerous calls from a private number from 457 til 506 and the last call came from an unknown number.  As soon as as I saw all those calls from a private number I knew.  I knew something bad had happened.  When I called back the unknown number and saw it was from City of _______ I Knew.  My 20 year old wasn’t home and I knew he had to work the next day.  I worried he was arrested or wrecked.  I called his close friend who said he wasn’t with him the night before.  I asked him to find out where my son was or what had happened.  Then I called the police department of the city for the number that was on my phone.   At about the time the operator told me that my son had been in a wreck I got a call from his friend with much more detail about the accident.  A rollover wreck.


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