Tried Something New!!

Spent the morning putting pavers around the outside of my studio so that rain drains properly.  Good thing because it is pouring rain right now!  Also bought some silky fabric (on sale at JoAnns) to hang for curtains in my two windows.  I didn’t want to do any sewing so I  bought enough to hang a double layer over the tension rods I put up.  Didn’t feel like doing any drilling or screwdriving either–haha!

After all that was done I settled down to work on some postcards I started several weeks ago but never finished.  I am a stickler for not wasting decent size pieces of paper when I make other projects so that is how I got into the postcards.  I was rocking the inks, spica pens, gel pens, copics, any pen I could get my hands on this afternoon!  Very into doodling today!

My “something new” I tried today is that I have had a set of Shiva irridescent paintstiks for close to a year and never tried them.  Don’t ask me why because the answer is kind of embarrassing….two parts…first it started out that I was intimidated by them.  I’ve never used oil paint and was chicken.  The second part is that eventually they got buried under other supplies.  When I moved into my new studio I uncovered them again.  Today they were staring at me on my desk and I decided to quit being a scaredy cat and open the package.  The colors look good enough to eat and as a child I used to eat crayons so I had to resist my urges–haha  Anyhow I started shaving off the thin layer of wax on different colors and then smearing the brilliant colors around and they are so yummy and rich!  I ended up making a sketchy flower and really enjoyed smearing paint with my fingers.  Can’t believe I wasted nearly a year being afraid of those gorgeous paintstiks.  I’ve heard the quote “Where there is fear there is no creativity” and it is surely ringing true for me today.


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3 responses to “Tried Something New!!

  1. your work is gorgeous! I am really enjoying seeing you experiment and am lovin the new studio!

    • Thanks Alicia! I was checking out your website last night and admiring all that gorgeous beadweaving you do. I like to do that too but my skill level is completely beginner. Of course that doesn’t stop me from buying scads of beads for imagined future projects–lol–Have a great day!

  2. wow , really cool! I love the leave series and the peacock so so much ^ – ^ you are so gifted,Katyoparty!

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