Too Much Coffee????

Got up and had coffee as usual but then joined a neighbor for MORE coffee a bit later.  I feel a bit like a deranged bee  :)  I’ve been taking photos of items to post on my etsy site and ran across this colorful piece that started out in the 100-day challenge and then became a lovely friend card.  I used alcohol inks, painted masking tape, flowers, ribbons, and sequins—because one wants a hint of sparkle!  At least I do…and on everything!

2011-07-06 036

Am I the only one who makes things and then has a hard time letting go of them?  I seem to have this crazy possessive thing sometimes and worry that the item is going to get thrown away by the recipient and I think of all the hard work I put into it.  I feel as if I put a little sliver of my heart in each item and if the item gets thrown away…well you get the picture. 

Thanks for looking and Happy Creating!

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