Resin Results!

I’m taking a quick second to post the results of my first resin experiment.  I am so happy to say that it was as easy as pie!!  I want to thank my teacher at the CREATE retreat for showing me “how to”–a wonderful fun woman named Belinda Spiwak–thank you thank you!

I’m also posting a photo of a piece of mini-art called “Reach”.  I started out wanting to use up all the oddball leftover letter stickers I had on a sheet.  My idea was to use them to create nice little stems for the flowers.  Well after I made the “stems” I thought it looked like crapola so I covered them with gesso and used acrylic paints and then thought–what the hell so I dusted it with glitter.  Of course in my mind anything with glitter on it is fabulous so now I’m not hating it anymore!

Have a great Sunday!  Adios.

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