The heART Exchange Experience

I want to start off by saying that I so admire bloggers who blog regularly.  It seems no matter my intentions I have thus far been unable to make it a regular habit!  I feel like I have to be in a certain frame of mind and I have to have the right pictures to accompany my post so !voila!–a perfect recipe for no regular posts.  Perhaps I also need to quit playing Words With Friends online too…but that’s another story.  I am determined to keep veering back onto my blogging path until I get it right!

I had a very fun experience doing my first heART Exchange through the website  I swapped with “an artist, dreamer and believer” named Leanne Wargowsky at  We were matched by the swap coordinator at Your HeART Makes a Difference after we joined the swap.  Here is the piece of art I received from Leanne


It is a really fun collage piece on painted canvas!  I am thrilled to receive it from Leanne!







I sent her a piece I had previously posted here in one of it’s incarnations.

  It was really fun to send a piece out into the Universe without knowing one thing about where it was going or anything about the person to receive it.  Sending it out only for the sake of doing it and to give it wings.  I will probably participate in other heART Exchanges because this one gave me so much pleaure!








Have an artsy day!


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8 responses to “The heART Exchange Experience

  1. Dick Ramada

    I really enjoy you and your friend’s art! I am inspired!

  2. I wish I could be this artistically creative! I can imagine all kinds of things, but bringing it to life is not one of my strengths – unless you’re looking for something to put on your refrigerator. You have a gift, Katy-O!

  3. The HeART exchange looks like a lot of fun.

  4. Oh, dear friend!!! Thank you SO MUCH for posting the pic of my work, and for my LOVELY, BEAUTIFUL, and oh-so INSPIRING piece that I now call MINE!!!! I have it hanging right next to where I am typing right now, and it brings a smile to my face every minute when I look at it. SO blessed to have swapped with you! Hope you had a wonderful weekend, and I totally hear you on admiring the “regular” bloggers. I used to do much better at this, but recently I’m stuggling keeping the writing going when the mind is creating other works of art. Ah, well. multi-creatively challenged is what I say I am! Have a great day!

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