Long Time No See

Since the last time I wrote another beautiful fall season has come around.  I saw this gorgeous show of color a few weeks ago on my walk.  When you’re walking you need to remember to look up.  So often when walking we spend most of our time looking down and watching where we’re going.  Often we’re deep in thought or puzzling through a problem or planning an upcoming event or replaying a situation.  We need to remember to look up and see what the world has to show off to us.  It’s good to be back.


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5 responses to “Long Time No See

  1. Years ago, I was driving somewhere with my little nephew. He must have been about five. As we were stopped at a light, he said, “The clouds are so pretty.” I realized from his vantage point – lower than the window – that all he could see out the window was “up”. But his view was great.

  2. It is so Good to see news from YOU Katy! Keep up the Good Vibes and Have a Great Day! OK!

  3. Beautiful! I’m glad you looked up.

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