Making A Choice To Live An Artful Life

Flora in Cozumel--January 2013

Flora in Cozumel–January 2013

Spring brings renewal not only to nature but also the opportunity for renewal to us citizens of life.  We have choice about how we live our lives and how we choose to see beauty in the world.  Some days it is harder to choose to see the light.  Certainly some circumstances make it MUCH harder to choose to see the light.  I believe the beauty and light is always there somewhere.  It may be a glimmer–it may be nearly camouflaged with the detritus of everyday living–but it is always there waiting to spark our spirit.

I choose to live an artful life.  I choose to make art and to share it.  I choose to feed my spirit.  I choose to never stop learning.  I choose to look for the beauty in my daily chores, to appreciate the presence of good people in the world, to show my heart in my art.  I choose light and love.  I choose to dance.

Ballerina paper mache heart group (2)








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3 responses to “Making A Choice To Live An Artful Life

  1. I agree, thank you for sharing. Love the heart!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. This piece is beautiful!

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