Springtime in Colorado

IMG_0715 My little solar-powered art shack is cozy and warm inside but outside it is another story.  We got about 14 inches of snow (in one day) last week in our area.  My art mascot, Sophie (lower left), loved the trek out to the art shack and she spent considerable time tossing snow into the air with her snout and generally tearing around like a mad dog.

IMG_0721  This is the rain chain my husband put up a week ago when it was in the high 60s and low 70s.  As it turned out it was a bit premature to put up the chain and the rain barrel but it did form the most awesome ice formation.  I love nature’s art!


This is me dancing in the snow!  I love the way the snow formed a “hat” on my hair and filled my heart with fluffy beauty!

I’ve been trying to learn how to add video to my blog so let’s see if I’ve figured it out….


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2 responses to “Springtime in Colorado

  1. Dick Ramada

    Nice Video of the melting ice! Thanks!

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