A New Beginning–the artful way



Mothers Day Art Journal 1




Mothers Day Art Journal 2This is how I spent some of my time today.  I started my first art journal!  What a wonderful gift to myself on Mother’s Day.  Everything happens in it’s own time and this is a prime example.  I’ve been looking at and admiring many artists’ art journals while following a parallel path on my own art journey.  Always thinking that I would do some art journaling someday, later, or tomorrow.  Right.

Recently while shopping for some other MUST HAVE NOW art supplies I happened across the rack of art journals.  I’ve been through this routine before and I’ve looked at probably dozens of art journals without ever purchasing one.  Just call me Goldilocks–I wanted one not too big, not too small, the paper had to be not too thick, not too thin, the cover had to be flexible but not flimsy–maybe I should be called Her Royal Highness MS. Goldilocks.  In any case this time all journals were 40% off so I began the routine of fondling perusing all the journals.  I mean ALL the journals.  Spent about 20 minutes before I found IT.  THE ONE!  The perfect size (7″x10″), the perfect weight and feel of paper (#120 lb), the perfect cover (nondescript and unadorned but not plain).  Did I mention it was THE ONE??!!  Took it home and…put it on the shelf for a couple of weeks.

I moved it around several times because it kept getting in the way.  I picked it up and looked at it several times.  The pages were so white and so blank and there were so many of them.  I put it back on the table.  It seemed no matter where I put the damned thing it kept being in the way of what I was working on.  There was no way the Universe was going to let THE ONE get lost in the shuffle.  So today on “my” day, Mother’s Day, I opened my new art journal and played.  I got all the pretty colors on the page from the feeling in my heart as I reflect on my blessings of true love, sweet family, good friends, good health, and the companionship of a sweet dog.

Art Out With Your HeART Out


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13 responses to “A New Beginning–the artful way

  1. Only someone with all the blessings you just listed could achieve quite the purity of colour I see here. Gosh, my first journal pages were abysmal [I’m not modest, I’m telling you the truth!] I love this!

  2. How beautiful! I wish I could do that! Ellie

  3. We have something in common. I take forever to make up my mind about buying something, then it sits around forever until I’m brave enough to jump in and get down to business with it. I also cracked the spine on my newest journal yesterday (bought a couple of months ago!). I haven’t done anything “artsy” in it at this point, but I have started my life story in it. I will be including pictures and poetry that I’ve written along the way, hopefully artfully done. 🙂

    Have a great day!

  4. Dick Ramada

    You have gift! Keep it up and Never look back!

  5. Great gift to pick! I love all the colors and shine. Orange and pink are a delightful combo.

  6. Hi Yolanda! I am so on an orange and pink kick right now. I cannot get enough of it lately!

  7. WOW, I love the colors and I completely understand about finding the right journal. I have lots on my shelf that haven’t been touched because they just don’t feel right. Blessings to you and can’t wait to see more pages.

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