Playing With Paper 53

Hello hello! I discovered the super fun app Paper 53 a few months ago and have been wasting time playing with it. If you haven’t given it a try you should. The free version is okay but for a few bucks you get all the tools. Here are some of my doodles…










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4 responses to “Playing With Paper 53

  1. Dick Ramada

    This is Good Fun Stuff!!!!!!

  2. That looks like fun Katy! Is it on the computer or on paper [I was going to write ‘for real’ ] I’ve just signed up to do an online class with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer on doodling – !!

    • Hi Pauline! Thanks for visiting–Paper 53 is an app for the computer but you can print out your creations or email them or otherwise get them to real paper. You will love any class by Julie. I’ve been lucky enough to take several in person classes and a few on-line classes as well. Can’t wait to see your next paper doll!

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