Fall is a time of transitions for Mother Nature. Fall is a time of transitions from the activities of the warm months of basking in the summer sun to the crisp temperatures and shorter days and slower pace of life Indoors. No longer do I crave those bright colored frozen desserts and drinks. It’s all about the transition to warm and hearty soups and rustic breads. It seems even my art palette is transitioning along with everything else. I’ve passed through my summer long pink phase and now find myself embracing rich metallic copper and bronze and vibrant rusts and reds. I’m leaning more toward leaves and straw and rough edged blooms. It’s strange and amazing how all these choices happen so subconsciously. I don’t plan on April 1st to use only bright tropical colors through Labor Day and then switch to a new palette through the winter months. Even the appeal of my favorite mermaid colors seems to have waned lately. I seem to be affected by strings of cloudy days and brittle cold temperatures so I am planning ahead this year. On those days when I feel as if I want to hibernate away and snarl at everyone within sight I am instead going to pull out all my brightest colors paints and inks and papers and recreate the beautiful warm scenes of summer. What do you plan to do to ward off the winter doldrums?

Art Out With Your HeART Out



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  1. Thank you Peach! I pretty much use my phone to take my pics so I don’t do near enough justice to just how brilliant that tree was IRL. Thanks for visiting!

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