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Pinterest Plans

I am a rabid avid Pinterest pinner. I have boards called Fun Fashions, Bon Appetito, Outside Stuff, Cinderella, Cake, and many more. Many many more. Now for my confession. I’ve never made a single thing I’ve ever pinned. Never made a recipe from Bon Appetito. Never made a project from Art Art Baby. Never tried any of the artsy craftsy stuff I love to pin on there. Never tried to recreate any of the Fun Fashions. The only board that I can say I’ve accomplished anything on is Been There Done That about my travel adventures.

Well people–hear my battle cry–I am determined not to let all those pinning hours of my life be for naught! I am going to be a maker of Pinterest things. I’ve decided to make myself a calendar and once a week I am going to try one thing I’ve pinned. One week it will be from one board and the next from another, and so on and so on and so on and so on–sorry that was annoying.

I can’t wait to taste some of the yummy and pretty looking recipes I’ve pinned on Bon Appetito while wearing an outfit from Fun Fashions. Be inspired by some of the pins on my Color Crazed board, complete a project from Outside Stuff and then celebrate with a drink from my Prost board! Well, that is how I picture all this happening. But have you heard of the Pinterest Fails sites?

Some of the fails are because the person who did the project tried to substitute ingredients and/or supplies. Some are people who tried but lacked the necessary skills to succeed. Some are people who appeared to have been coerced or blackmailed into doing the project. Some are just plain idiots who didn’t really try and succeeded at failing.

I plan on beginning my Pinterest Adventure next week so prepare to be amazed and astonished, baffled and befuddled, excited and exhilarated, and so on and so on and so on….

If you want to find me on Pinterest look for Katyoparty. If you want to make a suggestion about what I should try first from Bon Appetito that would be awesome. That’s where I plan to start.

Now tell me–do any of you have any Pinterest experiences?



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Fresh Start 2015


Hello hello blog world! Happy 2015! Who is ready for all that the New Year has in store? Well ready or not–here it comes! I’ve made some goals as I do at some point every year–not necessarily only at the new year. Several times over the years I’ve written down my goals and then never revisited the list until much later and I find I’ve realized those goals. I am now a firm believer in setting an intention and letting your subconscious/the Universe/whatever you call your Power, take over and guide the outcome.

It’s not that I don’t do anything and my goals just happen–it’s more like I’m in tune with the opportunities as they present themselves because my subconscious is on the lookout for them. Along the lines of never noticing pregnant women and then when you get pregnant you see pregnant women and babies everywhere.

I’ve set my intentions on a few art-related things this New Year: blogging regularly, creating art regularly, sharing my creations with others rather than stockpiling it, participating in an art abandonment project, and finding a volunteer opportunity which is art-related.

What intentions have you set with regard to your creativity? I would love to hear. Thanks for visiting today–I can’t wait to see you again!

Hello Friends


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