Fresh Start 2015


Hello hello blog world! Happy 2015! Who is ready for all that the New Year has in store? Well ready or not–here it comes! I’ve made some goals as I do at some point every year–not necessarily only at the new year. Several times over the years I’ve written down my goals and then never revisited the list until much later and I find I’ve realized those goals. I am now a firm believer in setting an intention and letting your subconscious/the Universe/whatever you call your Power, take over and guide the outcome.

It’s not that I don’t do anything and my goals just happen–it’s more like I’m in tune with the opportunities as they present themselves because my subconscious is on the lookout for them. Along the lines of never noticing pregnant women and then when you get pregnant you see pregnant women and babies everywhere.

I’ve set my intentions on a few art-related things this New Year: blogging regularly, creating art regularly, sharing my creations with others rather than stockpiling it, participating in an art abandonment project, and finding a volunteer opportunity which is art-related.

What intentions have you set with regard to your creativity? I would love to hear. Thanks for visiting today–I can’t wait to see you again!

Hello Friends


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12 responses to “Fresh Start 2015

  1. How very lovely to see you back,you were one of my first blogging friends and have been missed! I absolutely concur with your explanation of setting intentions – my life is littered with examples of how the Universe works to bring us what we put our attention to – whether consciously or unconsciously! This year I realised in retrospect there was a word that fitted the theme of 2014, so this year I have consciously chosen two words to accompany me. [Create and Breathe – there is an explanation in the first post of the year somewhere if you are curious]. Choosing a couple of words for the year is a new experience for me and it seems that it is already working out quite well! 🙂

    I am so happy you will resume posting on your blog. And I love your tag. You do have a wonderful way with colour and form! Welcome back!

    • Hello and thanks so much Pauline! I will go back and find your post about your focus words for this year. I’ve only ever done one word but I rather like the idea of two! See you in blog world soon!

  2. Happy New Year!! Looking forward to viewing more beautiful arts from you here!!

  3. Are you blogging? Not too late to start, my friend!

  4. I’m hoping to create more art this year. I have a list a mile long of “projects” that need doing and I am happy to say, the list is getting smaller, but sadly all at the expense of not creating art. I love the artwork you posted. She is lovely!

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