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Art Out With Your HeART Out Has Even More Meaning

Have you had to take a creative breath over the past year? Whether by choice or by necessity? I think by now we all can agree that we are lucky to be able to take a breath whether figuratively or literally at this point.

It was mid-January, 2020, when I first started reading about a possibly dangerous new virus that was spreading halfway across the world. As the weeks progressed and it became apparent this was going to be a life-changing situation I stopped making art. Any art. Nothing. Although I’d stopped blogging a few years earlier I was still being creative and feeding my art spirit in many other ways. I dabbled on YouTube. I taught a few art classes in my community. I made art to donate to various fundraisers and causes. I went to shows at art museums and galleries. All of that stopped. Overnight. My main passion up and left me.

As 2020 progressed I began being creative in other ways unrelated to my art studio. I started a new square-foot garden of vegetables and flowers.

I began cooking and baking from scratch.

New rituals and routines started forming. I made charms of glass beads and bells for my garden gate.

As summer turned to fall and the weather began to drive me back inside with warm cups of foamy lattes (made by me) I noticed I was starting to see my art studio again. It was sunny all day in there even when it was cold outside.

My cold, cold creative heart began to thaw. I started watching some of my old favorites on YouTube and found some new ones to follow. I’ve been dreaming up new projects to use my immense supply of ALL THE THINGS. I’m revisiting techniques that I’ve used in the past and I’m learning new ones. I have started reacquainting myself with my art supplies and my art alter-ego, Katyoparty. She’s the one who signs all the art. So after a good long time it feels really good to say…ART OUT WITH YOUR HEART OUT.

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