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Picture This–Hands and Hexagons

Hands and Hexagons

Recently I had the pleasure of hosting the May Swirly Girl Challenge on http://www.swirlydoos.com/sd_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?206934.  As host I had artistic control over the theme and guidelines for the challenge.  What to do?  What to do?  I’d recently started playing with the hexagon paper shapes and was considering ideas for using them.  While brainstorming with them I placed a couple on my fingers thinking they would be the perfect size for use as rings.  That got my little wheels turning and that is how my challenge theme was born.  Hands and Hexagons.

I began looking through my photos for a candidate for my layout and hoping for further inspiration for using hands and hexagons.  I came across this picture I took in Alexandria, Egypt, of one of the fisherman fishing off the ocean shore.  I was amazed by how long the fishing poles were that they used.  This particular picture I had printed in a rose colored tone for no particular reason.  Perhaps the Universe knew all along I would need it to fit perfectly with the color scheme of this layout.

I traced my hands and cut them out.  I am fascinated with the art of Mehndi so I used one of my stamps to simulate the look of that by stamping on the cutout hands.  I shaded the edges to add some dimension and eventually glued them down around the picture as if they were framing the scene for the shot.   Lots of layers and distressing underneath.  Added my hexagon “rings” and simply could not resist some glittery nails!

I have a great appreciation for well-done hands by artists.  One of my favorite hand artists is J. D. Hillberry.  He does charcoal and pencil drawings and I own a few of his astounding pieces.

Here are links to a few:

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