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It’s All About The Mojo

Embossed metal tape with patina and bling

Embossed metal tape with patina and bling

I am in the midst of a bout of mojo mania.  Oh how I love that state of mind!  When you feel like you really ARE the master of your art and when you have an abundance of creativity.   Everything seems to work together and comes out looking exactly the way you planned it in your head.  Every little “what if?” turns into a happy accident.  When mojo is in the house it is fun from start to finish.  When mojo is in the house the sun shines a little brighter, the paint is creamier and more vibrant, the mists are mistier (is that even a word?), the ink is richer, the texture is so cool it makes you want to reach out and touch it.  When mojo is in the house the color combinations walk hand in hand without effort.  When mojo is in the house the decisions are seemingly preordained and everything FLOWS.

I’ve learned that mojo is a capricious commodity.  Here today and gone tomorrow (or if you’re lucky in a few months).  Mojo does not care if you are in the middle of a project.  Mojo does not care if you have a deadline or a goal.  Mojo does not give one shit.  Mojo has its way with you and then heads on down the road. When mojo decides it’s over you have to hand over it’s suitcase, give it a peck on the cheek and walk away.  Try to have some dignity about it.  It’s not anything you did or didn’t do.  It’s not about you–it’s about mojo.  Don’t worry–mojo will come back to you.  You keep doing what you do and Art Out With Your HeArt Out.

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