Mini Album Musings


Hello!  I’ve been out of pocket for a bit but have no fear…I’ve been doing lots of creative things.  My obsession with watching YouTube and UStream tutorials is still in full effect.  There are so many clever and creative people in the world.  I happened across some videos from Steff Miller ( and her blog  (  She does tons of scrapbooky mini albums that have so many little details and nooks and crannys.  I am fascinated by them.  

I also saw some work by Esther Craft (  She apparently doesn’t do videos anymore but I really enjoyed her mini albums and their intricacies.  Worth checking out.

In the past I made a grand total of two mini albums.  They were both done in 2006 when I was a newbie scrapbooker.  One is distinctly mixed-media with lots of paint and a beach theme.

First Mini Cover




The other is more scrapbooky and also with a beach theme.  (I love the beach.)

2nd Mini AlbumIMG_0782IMG_0784IMG_0783IMG_0787IMG_0785IMG_0786

I’ve always incorporated hidden journaling in my scrapbook pages using pull-tabs and flaps and such.  I know I love stuff like that and I envision future grandchildren enjoying looking at my scrapbook albums much as I did as a child with my grandma’s photo albums whenever I went to visit her.  But I digress….

I decided to make a mini album.  My goals were to incorporate some of the upcycled tags that I enjoy making, use up a lot of bits and bobs from my stash, and to learn how to do some of the pockets and other mechanics used by these other artists.  I think I accomplished my goals.  My album is not as cohesive overall as I would like.  I jumped around on styles but I learned new things on every page.  Here are some pics.

Front cover IMG_0742 (500x399) IMG_0743 (500x355) IMG_0744 (500x375) IMG_0745 (500x343) IMG_0746 (500x395) IMG_0747 (500x347) IMG_0748 (500x331) IMG_0749 (500x413) IMG_0750 (500x407) IMG_0751 (500x390) IMG_0753 (500x351) IMG_0754 (500x385) IMG_0755 (500x369) IMG_0756 (500x363)

If you want to watch a flip through and see  how the mechanics work, here is the link to my YouTube channel (


Art Out With Your HeART Out!


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4 responses to “Mini Album Musings

  1. Can really see the progression – great work, I love your colourful style – I’ll just shoot over and have a peek on the tube…..

  2. I really really love those tones of color – amazingly beautiful! > v < ! You really have the gift,Katyoparty!

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